We’re All Unique

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Everyone in this world is different. Some people like fluffy bunnies, some people like rabbit stew. Some people adore curious little kittens, while others enjoy fried Chinese food. It is the same way when it comes to fish; lots of enthusiasts around the world puts incredible time and energy into creating a healthy, pH balanced aquarium for their prized (and quite valuable) goldfish, tropical species and other aquatic beings. Some people like to dip into those aquariums, pull out the most beautiful fish, then smile in pleasure at the feeling of that fish wiggling down their throats.

That’s where goldfish swallowing–properly known as vore–comes in. A lot of people around the world love the feeling of control, power, and dominance as another life is pushed into the darkness of their throat and ultimately snuffed out in the dark, searing acid of the stomach. Just as many people, too, envy that life form, wanting nothing more from their existance than to be forcibly sent into some gorgeous person’s esophagus, ultimately destined to become an inseperable part of that person.

Yes, vore and goldfish swallowing are highly unique, but so are people… and people are exceptionally, devotedly passionate about their love… their love of how the human body destroys one life to continue another.


Goldfish Swallowing is Becoming Popular Again

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If you thought the fad of swallowing goldfish went out with the 1920s, you may not be keeping up with current Internet sensations.

Youthful—and, sometimes, not so youthful—Internet users across the world have flooded the Web with videos of themselves and other swallowing goldfish, minnows, beta fish, guppies and just about anything else that swims. A YouTube search for goldfish swallowing videos turned up about 1,200 videos as of November 2012, and a similar Google search returned more than 17,600 relevant pages.

Entire websites, in fact, now cater to people who either enjoy seeing others swallow live fish or like to gulp the creatures themselves. On GoldfishSwallowing.com, for example, members can watch more than 300 videos of sexy girls seductively slurping down live fish of all types. For a small monthly fee, members can email goldfish swallowing models, donate favorite pets to be swallowed and even submit special requests to models who will swallow almost any kind of live or inanimate prey.

At TheVoreStore.com, users can download individual videos of girls swallowing live fish that range from goldfish to small sharks. For as little as five dollars, website users can download a custom-made video that shows a model playing with, taunting and ultimately swallowing live prey. The website also features DVDs, autographed items from swallowing models and a section that showcases men swallowing live fish.

ArianaGirls.com, another website dedicated to goldfish swallowing, touts its collection as the “indisputably largest online archive of real life Swallowing and Vore videos.” On that site, members can watch hundreds of videos of girls swallowing live fish, see videos of girls eating food, see girls swallow non-food items and browse various adult entertainment options.

Even the most mainstream online retailers cater to the goldfish swallowing niche. On Amazon, for example, shoppers can buy a 52-minute DVD from GoldfishSwallowing.com that includes nearly two dozen individual goldfish swallowing videos. The site also offers several goldfish swallowing videos available for purchase, streaming or instant download.

Even though the goldfish swallowing fad may have reached its heyday nearly a century ago, there are certainly signs that the notion of swallowing live fish is far from dead. Many of the goldfish swallowing websites offer advice on how to get started with swallowing live fish, and some include forums in which members encourage each other to explore their voracious interests.

Whether it lives on as a fad, a fascination or a fetish, there is no doubt that goldfish swallowing is here to stay.

Kitty and the Halloween Fish (With bonus!)

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Halloween time is here again, and Kitty wants to make things truly scary. Kids and adults just don’t dress up like they used to, and Halloween has lost some of it’s scary edge. Kitty has selected one lucky fish–nicknamed Jack, for Jack-O-Lantern, of course–and decided to treat him to the scariest Halloween ever. Will he survive the haunted house and acid attack in Kitty’s tummy? We think not.

Here are some pics we snagged of the gorgeous Kitty bringing Hell to life for one lucky fish:

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Ariana’s New Girl: Fujiko

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Take a look at Ariana’s newest swallowing girl, Fujiko!  This is one gorgeous Asian delight, and she has no problem at all with making a meal of her pet fish Charley. Isn’t charley one incredibly lucky fish?

Fujiko is the latest of many new models on Ariana and GoldfishSwallowing.com. Why not stop by and check out the new faces today?

Check out Fujiko and her friends now!

Lyanna’s Sexy Gummy Worm

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Ariana‘s new girl Lyanna made a sexy showing this weekend as she tantalized a juicy gummy worm. Check out Lyanna’s beautiful mouth!  Wouldn’t it be awesome to spend some time in there before heading down?

We snagged a few photos here, but be sure to check out Ariana’s site for more high-res pics and a nearly two minute video!



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Cassandra puts a crowntail betta in her stomach!

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You’re here to see some beautiful girls downing lucky little fishies, aren’t you?
Well, the luscious Cassandra of GoldfishSwallowing.com doesn’t want to disappoint you, and she’s making good on her convictions by gulping down a brilliantly colored and absolutely stunning red crowntail betta. Can you imagine what her stomach acid does to those huge fins??  Wow, check it out!

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PS– Does Cassandra look a little chubby to you? Well, there’s good reason… Cassandra is our first ever PREGNANT swallowing model! Yep, that lucky fishie is going to dissolve into both Cassandra and the baby she’s carrying. Yep, it doesn’t stand a chance. 😉

We’re BACK!

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So… it has been a while since we’ve updated our blog, and we apologize for that. As you can tell, though, we’re back and ready to get this party started! 

Let’s get the ball rolling with a shot of one of our hottest models, Danielle, doing some yoga. Take a look at that gorgeous belly… wouldn’t you like to be inside when she’s doing her exercise?

More posts to follow soon, so stay tuned!

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Megan Swallowed a Magnet!

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In possibly one of the most exciting videos in a long, long time, the beautiful Megan from ArianaGirls.com has swallowed a large, strong magnet! It took some effort for her powerful throat muscles to force it down, but once the magnet hit her stomach, the real fun began!  Watch in the video as Megan actually sticks a metal paper clip to the magnet… even though the magnet is in her stomach!  

As you can see, Megan also managed to stick a cigarette lighter to her magnetized belly.  Log in to Ariana now to see how this all went down!